🧑‍💻 CPC

Competitive Programming Club


School of Business 2830Thurs. 5 - 6 p.m.

Our meetings will typically cover anything from data structures, algorithms, and general software engineering tools. Each week leading up to the annual International Collegiate Programming Competition we will cover critical concepts to give students a competitive edge. We will host scrimmages before the ICPC so that students understand what they will face during a competition.


We are hosting a programming competition on December 2nd. Check it out



November 10th 2023

We would like to welcome our newest CPT members: DROP TABLE Team;, We Need Arrays, Binary Tree Huggers, Debug Thugs, and brogrammers!

October 30th 2023

5 teams have qualified through our tryouts to advance to the ICPC Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition!

October 28th 2023

Our first meeting will be on August 31st!

August 20th 2023

We now have a new president and 4 new officers! Visit


to see club leadership.

May 10th 2023