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About Us

In the 4 years since becoming an offical club we have accomplished and grown a lot

Our Story

In 2019, with the inspiration of Professor Mark Merry, a few students founded the Liberty University ACM ICPC Club. The goal was to send teams to the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Later on, our club was renamed to the Competitive Programming Club.

The Mission

The Liberty University Competitive Programming Club is about developing the skills necessary to solve programming problems. We strive for every student to succeed in technical interviews and competitions. We provide a community at Liberty University for people interested in algorithms, programming, and software engineering.

So Far...

Every year since the creation of the club we have consistently placed better. Our most recent success was in Febuary 2023 when one of our teams placed 10th in the ICPC South Region for Division 2. Our eyes are set on the upcoming competition in Febuary where we hope to perform even better.

Our teams at the 2023 tryouts

Club Members at the 2023 Tryouts