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Competitive Programming Competition

To be held on December 2nd, 2023

Teams competiting at our practice round for tryouts

What is a Programming Competition?

In a programming competition, you are given 6-12 problems which you have to solve in a certain amount of time. To solve a problem you must pass all the testcases given for that problem to make sure that you have a valid solution. An example problem would be the  

Hello World Problem

 , where the only thing you must do is print out "Hello World!".

But what if I'm not good at coding?

Great! You don't have to be good at programming to compete and have fun. The competition will be catered towards students in CSCN 111, CSCN 112, and CSCN 215 so you should not be confused.

Will there be food and prizes?

Great question! Yes! We will be ordering pizza for everyone and catering to those with food allergies. There will be prizes for those that place well along with participation awards.

What will the contest be like?

The contest will be held in one of the rooms in the School of Business. You will compete as an individual and given 3 hours to solve as many problems as you can. Your Kattis account will automatically be invited to join the competition and there will be 6-10 problems for you to solve within the 3 hours. You may ask for help from the volunteers if you are stuck on a problem. These problems will be aimed towards those who are just starting programming and those who have some experience.

A programming team holding up their certificate

How do I prepare?

• Beginner's Guide

One of our best resources is our

Beginner's Guide

. This guide will walk you through some basic problems to solve so that you are prepared for the problems you will experience at the competition.

• Practice Kattis Problems

In our competition we will be using the Kattis platform, open.kattis.com. You should familiarize yourself with this platform and try to solve some of the problems on there. Kattis also allows you to sort the problems by difficulty so you can find problems that are at your level.

• Bring Printed Material

We are allowing the access of any printed materials. If you have programming books or want to bring a C++ cheatsheet then you are allowed to do so. Because you will not be allowed to access Google, it is extremely recommended that you print out any documentation that you think you will need.

Are there any rules?

  1. You will only have access to 4 websites
    • Kattis
    • Python Documentation
    • C++ Documentation
    • Java Documentation
  2. You may bring as much printed material as you want
  3. The use of Github Copilot or any other generative AI tool is strictly prohibited
  4. This is a "Bring your own device" event, you must show up with your own laptop to participate
  5. You will be ranked on how many problems you solve and ties will be broken by how long it took to solve the problem

What is the schedule?

December 2nd, 2023

9:15   - Doors open to the School of Business.

9:50 - Contestants enter the competition area

9:55 - Doors close to the School of Business

10:00 - Competition will start

12:00 - Pizza will arrive

1:00   - Competition will end

1:10 - Prizes will be handed out

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